If the shopping atmosphere doesn’t feel inviting, I rather do online-shopping at home

With ever-shortening delivery times I only visit a store if I know the product is actually available

If I exactly know I want to buy I don’t want to spend ages looking for the product

I mainly go to a store if I need extensive advice or guidance – otherwise I can just buy it online

Visiting physical stores still provides unique qualities


A highly configurable in-store system


Picking robot and shelf system

With the assistance of the picking robot products are stored and retrieved, logged digitally and stored with minimal space requirement, safe from theft, all fully automatically.

High capacity

For smaller products like jewellery up to 80,000 packages can be stored.

Automatic documentation

Batch tracking, expiry date and serial number recording on a one-off basis.

The right solution for every requirement

Customer experiences

Endless possibilities for creating new customer experiences

Product presentation

Improved product displays

Save up to 70% of storage-space to create more space for displaying products. More products to interact, test and inform.


New self-service possibilities

Customers can decide for themselves which level of service they would like. Those who don’t require consultation can obtain information and products quickly and efficiently.


Boundaries between on- and offline disappear

Customers can collect ordered or bought products quickly and exactly when it suits them over an interactive screen.


Quality of consultancy increases

Employees are relieved of time-intensive activities and thus available for extensive and focussed consultation.


Attention-grabbing promotions

Content in diverse formats can be out-put centrally on screens. Promotions blend seamlessly into the shopping experience.

24/7 availability

Independence from opening-hours

Products are available over a around the clock which is accessible around the clock terminal. Customers can purchase products whenever is most suitable for them.

Experience factor

Additional experience factor

Storage activities are incorporated in the store concept as innovative and entertaining activities, that customers will talk about.

About Knapp

Progressive Thinkers. Shaping the future.

Headquarter: Hart bei Graz, Austria

The company

From production, distribution and last mile logistics right through to the point of sale: KNAPP is one of the world’s leading technology companies and offers intel- ligent and cost-effective automation solutions including software for the entire value chain.

Every era has its own challenges: As a partner of industry, KNAPP has long pursued the aim of finding intelligent solutions for the latest market needs, securing the long-term success of its customers in the process. Take for instance the picking machine for wholesale pharmacy in the 1980s, or our pioneering role in shuttle technology in the early 2000s, or currently in the field of artificial intelligence and data-driven logistics.

From consulting and design, project management, production, assembly and commissioning right through to 24/7 support and lifecycle management, KNAPP is a one-stop shop for all-in-one solutions. Among its key sectors are healthcare, fashion, retail, food retail and industry.

Learn more at knapp.com

Digital Butler

Central and first point of contact and the entrance to the following in-store „customer journey“

Stele for targeted customer information and access control

The experiences in 2020 were drastic. In the past months, the retail industry has been dealing with a completely changed and more sensitive buying behaviour. Distance rules, disinfection, customer and employee protection as well as customer confidence are important issues.

Controlling the customer flow

Only controlled access to the shop area means security for customers and team. Waiting times must be taken into account and scheduled in the customer journey. The Digital Butler is the right solution for the first, so important customer contact. The Digital Butler has been developed for contactless access control, waiting communication and a targeted control of customer flows. The software enables variable use according to the needs of the respective shop.

Ensure safety

With the digital, contactless entrance control you enable the application of distance rules and, if necessary, respect the allowed number of people per square metre. This gives you maximum freedom to react flexibly and appropriately to the respective circumstances in these di icult times.

Information and Marketing

While the customers are waiting, services and actions can be shown on the display or, for example, the customer card can be scanned. If required, a customizable slide show that shows promotions and services automatically starts up.


The system is based on a uniform software platform and is therefore particularly suitable for branches or chains. With the pre-installed software, additional functions can be easily activated later. Add-ons such as a disinfectant dispenser and visitor registration will be available soon.